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Over 100 Years Of Combined Horse Involvement and Construction and Equine Construction Experience
Any Style, Any Size, From Opulent To Practical, We Build Anything and Everything Equestrian.
With Front Portico
The Cherokee Event Barn
Main Barn 60 x 72  = 4320 sf
Left Shed 14 x 72 = 1008 sf
Right Shed 14 x 72 = 1008
Optional Loft above Kitchen 360 sf
Buy The Plans
Buy The Basic Plans. Floor Plan, Footing layout, Footing Details and Elevations for

If you are planning to build the barn yourself or if your builder is unfamiliar with horse
barn construction you may need framing details and a materials list . Most experienced
builders would only need the above floor plan and elevations and could give you
several framing option. Our framing details would be the way we would frame the barn
using 8" x 8" post with double rafters that sandwich post 10' o.c., with 4" x 6" purlins
32" o.c., or you can choose typical roof framing with rafters 16" o.c. Either framing
techniques will show detailed site built king trusses 10' o.c. You can always order the
framing details and a material list later if you need them.

Add $600.00 for framing details if you need them.

Add $400.00 if you need a material list with Georgia material pricing.

Add $200.00 to Modify the plan
The Cherokee
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